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WEBCart Maintenance Services


Keeping Your Store Healthy & Fit

Web store maintenance helps your business to be constantly dynamic and at the same time, reflects your commitment in serving your customers. It can help you strengthen your brand authority, increase traffic and boost sales. Active and engaging websites will keep your customers coming back and also encourage them to keep buying from you. All web stores should be properly maintained to keep its content up-to-date and reflects the industry’s latest trends and preferences.

Our maintenance services are designed with these factors in mind to help our customers stay relevant and competitive in business. These services include:

  1. Product Data Entry & Update
  2. Home page banner design
  3. Promotion banner design for special occasions such as New Year, Hari Raya, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, Christmas and many more.
  4. Quarterly Newsletter Design to update your customers on upcoming events or sales and promotion activities.
  5. Free consultation on online advertising ideas.

With our maintenance assistance you can have a peace of mind that your Web Store is kept healthy and fit throughout the years and will ultimately bring you more customers and profits!


Choose a pricing plan that fits your needs.